A beginner’s guide to doing multiple prints in a single line in Python.

If you want to print multiple things in the same line, you do not need to clutter everything with the plus operator, or do some type of conversion and then do the concatenation.

For that, we are going to use the help of the “end” parameter inside the print() method…

A different way to do division you may not have found in other programming languages.

One of the most common ways to introduce someone to programming is by starting with printing Hello World and then showing them how to do math operations using simple coding instructions.

This can make it easier for newcomers to learn since they already know basic arithmetic operations and now can…

A guide to enumerating related items using Enums in Python.

In a lot of projects, there are usually a lot of symbols-like constants that are used throughout the application.

They could be currency symbols, weather types, clothes sizes, etc.

The recommended way of saving and reusing them over and over again is using enums.

From the docs:

An Enum is…

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